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How Soon Can I Obtain An ESA Letter?



  • tonij8281

    You haven't said much about the dogs. I'm so interested in them

  • Julie

    Hello, Toni. Emotional support animals do not require any specific training like service animals do. An Emotional support animal can be any animal (mostly cat or dog) of your choosing, as long as this animal provides therapeutic support. 

  • Markymark

    I've had a dog for over 20 years basically until they die and then I get a new one. We moved recently two states away to a rental. When we got to the house that we had already signed the lease for my landlord said we needed to sign in person. We had already talked about pets and he said it was fine. Well I glance over the rules of the lease price, evictions, ect and I signed it. Right after I signed it he said no pets. I said we already talked about it which he then showed me that I just signed a no pet clause. Anyways I brought the dog back home to Iowa or we would have had allot of legal problems that I couldn't afford at the time. I thought I could leave him with my brother and get him back in a year. I didn't realize how much I need a dog after having one for 20 years. The last 5 months have been a depressive nightmare. Anytime I get stressed out about anything I just lose my mind. I don't like taking any type of prescription pills. I'm wondering if this constitutes getting an ESA or if I just have to deal with it?


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